The Ultimate Gift Guide from A Part-Time Writer

Do you remember going through the Wish List catalogue that Sears (RIP) would release each year? I would be so excited to go through every page and circle everything that I hoped my parents to get me that year. I’m laughing to myself, thinking about how ridiculous and expensive that wish list was when I was a child. Not a practical gift guide, if I say so myself.

Now that I’m a grown lady, I think about my wish list as practical and gifts I would like to use daily. Socks are necessary and make a great gift, as do toiletries because sometimes, I don’t want to go to the store to buy toothpaste. All of these are great gift ideas, but now for something more tailored to someone who writes. Even someone who writes part-time like me! 

Gift Guide for a Part-Time Writer

  • Notebooks. I switch between my laptop and notebooks when I’m writing out ideas, and I think a notebook is a great idea. They are portable, they don’t need to be battery charged, and if you have a pen, you’re good to go until the pen dies. 
  • Pens. This can be great to pair with a notebook gift. I have received pens as gifts, and I can’t say how much I love them. One year, I got pens that had ridiculous quotes on them. They were meant to be “anti-stealing” pens. 
  • Desk calendars. Something to look forward to every time I sit at my desk would be my cute desk calendar. I’m currently going through a Catana Comics calendar, and each day has been enjoyable. 
  • HappyLight Therapy Lamps. I’ve always wanted these because I feel they will make my winter blues go away or make difficult days more manageable. 
  • A Cute Cup. I love a cute cup. There is something nice about brewing a cup of coffee in the morning and pouring it into your favourite cup. Bonus points when it’s a cute cup. 
  • Cozy Socks. I mentioned socks earlier, but just in case you forgot.
  • Grammarly. I tend to use Grammarly for quick edits. When I’m working on social media content and need a brief overview of what I’m writing, Grammarly is usually my go-to. A subscription to this program is ideal for those who need some quick edits. Especially ones that you don’t always catch!

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts when gift-giving. I really appreciate gifts that are meaningful and were well thought out. Those are the best gifts. But, if writing gifts is something that you’re looking for, you’ve come to the write right place!

One thought on “The Ultimate Gift Guide from A Part-Time Writer

  1. Notebooks and pens are the bomb, especially for writers. While I may be picky on the actual stationery I use, I find that I can never reject stationery in general. I’ll always find a use for them. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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