Guilty Shopping Spree

When I was younger, I worked at a fast-food joint, and for the entire summer, I spent my paycheck on clothes, food, and random stuff I didn’t need. I had no concept of saving, but I didn’t care because “I was young and enjoying life.” Even as I got older, my shopping habits didn’t change. I found myself spending more than I was making, which I didn’t realize would hurt me in the long run. 

There was always a part of me that knew I shouldn’t be spending money on things I already owned or didn’t need. But, alas, I was a marketer’s dream. When there was a new season of clothes, you can bet that I would buy those new pairs of shoes or jeans to match. I wouldn’t bat an eye at spending $500 or more on one shopping trip because I knew I would be working a few extra shifts to cover that cost. And don’t even get me started on books. 

Ugh, writing about it now makes me cringe because WHY DID I DO THAT. Anyway, here we are at almost 30, and I’m finally recovering financially from the stuff I did in my early 20s.

I fell back on bad habits when Covid hit. I was bored at home and thought the best way to spend my time was to shop. It’s pretty funny, though, because I bought clothes, makeup, shoes, and other shenanigans that no one would see. Silly, Gin. The shopping guilt began to settle last year, and I stopped shopping for no reason, which worked for a while. I started to feel more in control of my spending that I ended up paying off a credit card and saving some money too!

We’re almost at the end, don’t worry. Now that I’ve told you my ups and downs of spending money foolishly, here is the real reason for this post. I bought a new pair of shoes. I didn’t break the bank for them if that’s what you’re wondering. I was eyeing them for a long time now, and when I went for a quick shopping trip to the mall (it wasn’t even my trip, it was my partner’s), we found ourselves in my favourite shoe store, Little Burgundy Shoes. He was looking for shoes, not me, but it can’t hurt to browse, right? Well, the kind salesperson was too kind, and I couldn’t say no to trying on these pair of Doc Marten sandals – BIG MISTAKE. I tried them on, and I was instantly in love. I felt so good in them, and they looked really good too. So, I did what any logical person would do; I bought them.

I was super excited with my new pair of sandals, don’t get me wrong, but deep down, I felt like I had made a mistake. I began going over all the scenarios where I would find myself wearing these platform sandals. So far, I was falling short and could only picture a couple of moments for the rest of summer where they would work. I’m still humming and hawing about whether to return them or not.

Is there a solution to this madness? Yes, and the correct answer would be to return the shoes and find a different pair at a lower price. But, because I have a little extra time to return them, I’ll sit and think about it a little longer. The likelihood of the shoes being returned is super high, but humour me for a bit longer.

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