How Big Changes Make simple Tasks Difficult

Sitting down and writing something of substance is something I have not done since I graduated from university. Looking back on it now, I envy how student Geleena could roll up her sleeves and get shit done—starting a 2000 word essay the day before it’s due? Easy. Writing a blog post that is maybe 500 words? Impossible.

As someone who is making big changes in her life, it is incredibly difficult to focus on one thing these days. And so, to keep in the spirit of too many things going on in my brain at once, here are (probably) too many topics for one blog post.

Do you ever find it hard to finish a task, and so you begin another one hoping that you’ll finish that task but just end repeating the same cycle?  Yeah, me too. Recently, to break that cycle, I have been forcing myself to sit down and take it slow, all the while constantly reminding myself that I need to finish the task at hand before I start a new one. It may sound like a pretty straightforward, easy method to use, but to finish something as simple as giving my room a complete deep clean, here’s what I would do; I would work on it in sections and take short breaks to rest, but never long enough to get comfortable. If you find it easy to finish tasks before starting a new one, I genuinely applaud you (and do you have any tips?). For those who find it difficult as I do, don’t be too hard on yourself – finishing a small task is still a win.

As I previously mentioned, I am going through some changes in my life. One of those changes being the way I present myself.  I’m starting to buy clothes that I want to wear, style my hair so that I think it is pretty, and overall not give too much thought to what people think. (I’m trying to sound confident even though it is still very scary – but hey, small steps are still a win, in my opinion). You want that crop top? Buy it. You want that backless dress? It’s calling your name.  You want those thigh highs? Always say yes to the thigh highs. Confidence is how you feel, not just how you look.

As cliché as this sounds, it is always important to find ways to relax – especially when life gets too stressful, and there appears to be no way to deal with it. Now, the answer to destressing is not universal because everyone deals with situations in different ways. I recently had my neck massaged, and I kid you not, it changed my life. I also enjoy going on walks and mindlessly listening to music.  What works for me won’t work for everyone, so it is important to take the time to find the thing that will level your breathing.  Even if that thing gives you the briefest moment of relief, it’s nice to have no thoughts, just vibes.

And what do you know, another small yet completed task. *high five*

– Geleena

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