Happy PRIDE Month and National indigenous History Month!

We are very excited to be celebrating Pride Month and National Indigenous History Month this June! Alternating each week, we’re featuring a blog from a guest writer either about their experience as an Indigenous person or as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

National Indigenous History Month celebrates and acknowledges Indigenous history across Canada. Residential schools played a large part in the erasure of Indigenous culture and the horrors of those institutions are still being revealed today. Just last week, the remains of 215 children were found in Kamloops, BC on the grounds of a former residential school. We are very far away from reconciliation, but learning and honouring Indigenous history is a good place to start.

Pride Month honours the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, where members of the queer community protested against prejudicial police raids in the Greenwich Village. Starting as an American holiday (as many things do), June as Pride Month has been adopted around the world, including unofficially here in Canada (Canadian LGBT History Month is technically in October). Each city usually has a Pride Week and a parade to celebrate, which is usually a pretty fun time.

With the pandemic, it isn’t safe to celebrate either of these months the way we normally would. There’s no parades or concerts or community events, though lots of communities are offering virtual experiences. We hope that the blogs and posts this week offer a window into different experiences and engage with new perspectives.

Let us know how you’re celebrating in the comments

– Gin & Maria

2 thoughts on “Happy PRIDE Month and National indigenous History Month!

  1. Thanks for this beautiful post and banner! May I have the artist’s name who created it so I can credit them if I share?


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