May The Fourth Be With You!

May the Fourth be with You! Happy Star Wars Day, friends. What better way to celebrate than a post about why I am a Star Wars fan. There are two types of Star Wars fans; one is immersed in the cinematic world created by George Lucas, and the other is immersed in the world of Star Wars lore., This might be a bold statement, but these are very different fanbases, in my opinion. My boyfriend jokes that I am not a real fan because I don’t know the backstory of a character that I only saw a glimpse of in one of the movies. 

I grew up falling in with the cinematic vision of Star Wars, thus turning into one of the greatest obsessions other than books. Anyway, I remember the first time I watched Star Wars; I was about seven, and the prequels were new and exciting. Back in the day, CGI was at its beginning stages, but I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. After the rest of the “new” films were released, I realized I couldn’t call myself a Star Wars fan unless I had watched the original Star Wars trilogy. And let me tell you, it is nothing compared to the updated CGI version that you watch on TV now. It was so much better. I mean, they made Jabba the Hut – that shit was not CGI. It was and still is a masterpiece in my eyes. 

Then Star Wars became my favourite “thing,” It was the theme of my birthday and Christmas gifts for god knows how long. I have an encyclopedia that is only about the original trilogy and a few other memorable gifts like unique t-shirts and collectibles. Oh, and a really cool Darth Vader cake that I ordered for myself, and a Baby Yoda cake that I got when I turned 28 last year. After some time, though, it became too much, and I suggested other things, even though it was so much easier to pick up something Star Wars.

I didn’t realize how much I loved the movies until I started listening to podcasts and reading books about the making of the films. Like, where George Lucas began the idea, what happened to him (he almost didn’t make the movie), and the creative work that went on during the original trilogy. There is just so much to learn! In short, you can say that my favourite part of the franchise is the films released in the late 70s. I saw the magic of what this other world was, and I really enjoyed being invited into it. There was never a moment where I felt like I would be kicked out of the story; I was hooked with the cool action scenes and dialogue. Today, the original trilogy is something I can never get tired of watching because I always find something new to discuss. 

Star Wars then became the thing I would add if I introduced myself to new people and on dating apps. It was a great conversation starter, and it was the quickest way to weed out the ones who would appreciate my passion for the films. And, I don’t mean to make this about my relationship with my bf, but that’s pretty much how we started talking. If he liked Stars Wars, we would get along great – and the rest is history. 

Now that I’m much older, I still appreciate the art of the beginning of Star Wars. Some grew up on Star Trek, whereas I chose Star Wars. Both excellent pieces of work, but there was something about the franchise (perhaps Luke Skywalker, swoon) that made me stick around. I think it was the fact that everyone was welcomed to the space opera. I never feel booted out at a moment of time because I didn’t know the character’s backstory, and that’s something I’ve always been happy about. The beauty of Star Wars is that I can also show my kids one day, and maybe they too will have the same fascination as I did with the movies. My goal this year is to branch out and learn about my favourite characters from the movies – get real deep into the Star Wars lore that I’ve apparently been missing out on. Who knows where that’ll lead me.

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