It’s the Little Things

It’s been a stressful few weeks. Ontario has entered its third wave and millionth shut-down (or “emergency brake,” if you’re trying to be pedantic), vaccine estimates are sporadic, and it’s currently final paper season. I’m tired, a bit overworked, and definitely overwhelmed. It’s easy to get bogged down by all the anxiety and bad news, and it’s okay to acknowledge those feelings.

Personally, my favourite coping mechanism is avoidance, which is obviously the healthiest way to deal with problems. In the spirit of that, let’s talk about some of the really great things that bring me joy. To quote Phillip DeFranco, “Here are some things I love today!”

1.  Watching People Do Things They’re Good At

Have you ever watched an experienced hairdresser cut hair? Or a chef confidently slice through vegetables? There is something uniquely satisfying about watching someone do something they’re good at. The lack of hesitation and confidence built from years of practice and familiarity is mesmerizing to me. 

2. When People Know I’m Being Sarcastic

It should surprise absolutely no one that most of my humour is built around sarcasm. In person, I can accompany the statement with a smirk or a smile, and for the most part, people understand that I’m joking, but over text is a whole other story. I almost exclusively use the laughing face emoji to translate that the incredibly sardonic thing I just said is a joke (it used to be the “:p” face, but it didn’t transmit the mood right, y’know?). 

But then, there’s a point I reach with some friendships where I can just stop using the emojis. I can make a sarcastic statement or write a funny insult (because it’s not friendship if you’re not constantly ribbing each other), and the other person knows me well enough to know that I’m joking. It’s awesome to get to be myself and not have to explain everything I say.

3. Understanding How Things Work

I am curious about everything. I watch science videos before bed almost every night, and they feed the part of me that wants to know how the world works. I use technology every day that’s basically magic to me (it’s a computer! In your pocket!), and I like to try and understand all the little bits that make that possible. I don’t retain much of it, but I love having random knowledge floating around my brain for the opportune moment that it ever becomes relevant.

4. “Just one more chapter/episode”

You know that moment when it’s the last page of a chapter or the credits of an episode roll, and you just need to know what happens next? I love that feeling! That edge-of-your-seat urgency can only be invoked by good story-telling and engaging characters and is only made better when you can keep reading or frantically click “Next Episode” to find out what happens.  

5. The Feeling After Something Difficult is Done

There is nothing better, nothing better, than finishing a tough project. Whether that’s scrubbing the stove, writing a paper, or a hard workout, the feeling of relief and accomplishment after you’re done is indescribable.

Speaking of which, feeling a bit of number five as I finish this blog and send it off to Gin to edit. 

This blog isn’t to preach toxic positivity but rather to spotlight the quieter moments in life that make things a little better.

Tell me about all the little things that bring you joy in the comments! Stay safe and healthy, folks.

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