My Favourite Content Creators Who Inspire Me

As chaos reigned supreme this year, I found peace from following certain content creators. When I follow people on Instagram or YouTube, I always seek individuals or groups that offer something that I’m looking for in my life. Usually, it’s food, writing tips, or photographers that I am inspired by. So, let’s get started! Here is a list of my favourite content creators who inspire me to be a better person. 

  1. Max La Manna
  2. Beatrice | theblissbean
  3. Mango Street Lab
  4. Sagan Morrow 

Max La Manna | @maxlamanna

Once you start watching food TikToks or reels, they just keep coming up on your “For You Page” (fyp). I’m not much of a cook, so watching food videos inspires me to give it a shot. Plus, I enjoy watching people create simple dishes on ingredients that are generally found in your kitchen.

I stumbled upon Max La Manna’s page on Instagram and I’ve been mesmerized by the delicious meals he makes that also promote the prevention of food waste. The best of both worlds? Yes! Oh, by the way, they’re vegan meals, but I’m pretty sure you can substitute them to suit your needs. 

Hey Gin, have you made any one of these dishes yet? Sorry, the answer is no. I’ll get there eventually (I’m not brave enough yet), but I still think you should give them a follow or check out their videos!

Beatričė | @theblissbean

I love trying new ways to try to make writing easier or even my daily routine, so when I started watching The Bliss Bean YouTube videos, I was instantly hooked. I enjoy watching how others are weaving their way through life, no matter the age. Everyone is doing it differently and has different perspectives of self-development, productivity, organization, and even studying.

As someone who’s been out of school for quite some time, I felt inspired to learn some new skills and even brush up on old ones. So, I’ve taken these skills I’ve learned from watching The Bliss Bean and adapted them to fit my life. Studying has helped me do research for work and work better on my podcast. 

Mango Street Lab | @mangostreetlab

I’ve always wanted to become a photographer, and the husband-wife duo from Mango Street Lab has been a huge inspiration to me when I was ever in a creative slump. Their style is very cinematic, and I can’t tell you enough how much that style speaks to my soul.  

I learned quite a few things from them, such as I didn’t need to have the best and most expensive camera to take beautiful, creative photos and experimenting is the best way to find your own style. They also offer tips and tricks on how you can be the best photographer you can be with what you got.

At the beginning of Covid, I was bored at home one weekend and I came across a video where they featured some challenges to do at home. So, I took that and recreated a picture from their #stayhome photo challenge on Instagram. I was forced to learn how to use Photoshop, again  — which hasn’t been my strong suit since high school, but I digress. It was fun to be challenged in a way that I haven’t been in a while. 

This was so much fun!

I haven’t had a self-photoshoot in a while, but I have a backlog of ideas that I’m going to try this summer. So, stayed tuned.

Sagan Morrow | @saganlives

And finally, a good friend of ours – Sagan! I’m constantly going back and forth between wanting to start a business or continue working my 9 to 5. And honestly, if it wasn’t for Sagan, I don’t think this blog would have started. We probably would still be wrestling with the idea, haha.

Sagan is a productivity strategist for multi-passionate creatives – like us! She’s also a contemporary author and shares insights on her podcast, Indie Author Weekly.

So, if you’re wondering about how to start a business or how to get your first book started, I highly recommend giving Sagan a follow. I’ve taken a couple of her online courses and they’ve given me the confidence to continue on this journey of being a writer/blogger and podcaster. 

This is not an extensive list of people I follow, but ones that have left an impression on how I operate creatively. Everyone learns and wants to learn about topics in different ways, and I feel like this is a great starting point to go especially if you’re unsure where to begin. I chose these people because they have taken their craft and moulded it into something that I find quite unique from the rest — no offence. Take the craft and make it your own! 

Anyway, I hope this helps and maybe you’ll find some creative ways to start that blog, create an awesome meal or photo, or find some productive ways to continue writing. 

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