Writing Slumps Suck

Mondays. They hold the promise to have an excellent, refreshing, and motivating day. I thought I had all the cards aligned to have such a day. Alas, I was wrong. I had a “free day off” from work today, and it started off promising. I had a scheduled massage, ate a healthy breakfast, and went for my first run of the year. All signs were pointing to a productive day.

Now, I’m sitting in my living, struggling to write for this week’s blog post. I have Captain America: Winter Soldier playing in the background — Captain America is currently fighting his long-lost friend, Bucky Barnes — and I have Riven snuggled up to me. Every time I’ve gotten up in the last few minutes, she perks up and follows me to the kitchen or waits outside the bathroom. Pandemic puppy amirite? 

Back to my predicament, I had this big day planned. I would go to my appointment, run outside with Riven, and sit down for the afternoon to write up my blog piece. You may be thinking, “why didn’t she write it a week ago?” Well, you’re right, why didn’t I? Expect, I haven’t a clue why I didn’t sit down to write earlier. 

I’ve written about writing slumps before, but this one hit more than the rest. I could tell you that I wanted to write about the upcoming season of spring, feeling burnt out, or how it took me hours to figure out how to make an Instagram reel. Unfortunately, none of those things came up. I would start and then get annoyed at how difficult it was to come up with words. So, instead of struggling to write about those topics, I decided to write about how I’m struggling to write about these topics. Inception.

This struggle reminded me of an Instagram post I saw the other day about writing slumps. The post explained how “writing felt like being in a bad dream where you want to run, but you can’t.” And I felt that today. It’s frustrating when you have all of these fantastic ideas, but nothing comes out when it’s time to sit down and write. 


Sometimes I wonder if I need a change in scenery when I write. Perhaps I should take a walk and bring a notebook or even record anything that comes to mind. Sadly, none of those are options right now unless I want to sit in a damp field. Okay, now I’m just making excuses. 

I didn’t come here to rant, but perhaps offer a space for us to chat and learn new ways on how to overcome these slumps. Sometimes googling “how to get over a writing slump” isn’t helpful. Sometimes you just need to word vomit on the page or write a super meta piece about how you can’t seem to write anything.

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to overcome writing slumps? Share in the comments!

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