An Ode to 2020

If 2020 were a poem… it would probably still be better than this. Enjoy some end of year cheesiness and have a wonderful holiday season!

The weather outside is getting more frightful
Because nothing this year has been delightful
So, all you cool cats and kittens
Buckle up and don’t forget your mittens

Looking back at Covid and murder hornets galore
To think this year almost started with a world war
And don’t forget the riots in the streets,
Battling the injustice of racial elites.

Somehow, Animal Crossing became the hottest spot
Whether you played it before or not
Plus, between binging Love is Blind and Tiger King
Isn’t it weird how sourdough became a thing?

And as we get ready for some Christmas cheer
Everything will look a bit different this year
Chugging a glass of eggnog or two
Just seems like the 2020 thing to do

Placing ornaments and tinsel on the tree
Even if I’m the only one who can see
Stockings hung by the chimney with care
Though our loved ones can’t physically be there

But it’s not all doom and gloom
At least you don’t have to wear pants on zoom
And don’t worry, there’s an extra perk
You can mute your Karen if she’s a jerk

Who knows what the new year will bring,
Maybe an end to this Covid thing,
But if not, don’t fret
Plenty of shit to still happen yet

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