Relax: Why You Should Take A Bath

Taking time for self-care is very important. Whether you’re reading a book, cooking, or watching the latest Netflix Christmas movie, it’s good for your mental and sometimes physical health. Lately, my routine of self-care has been taking baths. It’s a great way to relax and reduce stress. Plus, I have time to reflect on anything or focus on my current read without any distractions. 

I used to take a lot of baths when I was a kid, and I would toss all of my toys and play for what seemed like hours. My mom would always knock on the door to tell me to dry off because I would turn into a prune… I’m sure I’m going to use that line on my kids one day. 

Now, as an adult, I always find that a bath is more of a treat. It’s fun to prep, make sure the tub is clean, and decide on the perfect bath bomb for the relaxing time. Just the other day, I wanted to take a bath and talked about it all day with my bf and then I came home to a nice clean tub, ready for me to fill it up for a bath. That night, I had the best hour-long bath reading a new book.

While there are facilities to visit to get the experience of relaxation, like Thermëa, I think a simple bath at home can do just as much. I’ve been to Thermëa a few times, and the experience is worth it but, sometimes the price to pay for some time in peace is a bit too steep. So why do I think taking a bath is so important? When days get stressful or find your legs are sore from that killer workout, a bath is a great way to release the tension and clear your mind. And it’s also a cheaper option.

Breathe Easy

I’m prone to having a stuffy nose, especially during the changing of seasons, and when you need to clear out the bogeys, a bath is the best thing you can do. I tend to get that bath as hot as I can stand it and do some breathing exercises. My sinuses are very happy afterwards.

Relieve Sore Muscles, Joints & Bones

When you have sore muscles or joints, I think it’s important to take care of it. I’ve had so many injuries in the past, and taking a bath has saved me. It doesn’t have to be a very long bath either; just sit and soak your body in the tub to give your body some time to begin to heal itself. Stretching a little helps too! 

Moisturize Your Skin

I have very dry skin during the cold Winnipeg winters, so naturally, I am frequently moisturizing my skin. If I want a more long term effect, I will hop in the bath and soak. I always use a Lush bath bomb or Live Clean Aromatherapy Foam Bath. Something that smells good is a must for my baths. 

Reduce Stress

This is obvious, but sometimes we need a friendly reminder: as I’m making changes in my life for the better, I want to create a space and a time for myself to destress. Often I don’t take a break from the stuff that’s going on in my life and give myself time to chill.

All baths aside, if that’s not something you’re into, that’s totally fine! I still think you can achieve these benefits from a nice hot shower. What I want is for you to take the time to relax and rejuvenate. Trust me, you’ll feel a little better afterwards. 

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