Let’s Talk About Journaling

When I was younger, my mom introduced me to writing in my diary, or what we call today journaling. It was a way to get my thoughts out on paper when I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed this because I could write anything and no one would ever see it. It was my favourite way to exercise my creative side. Sometimes I would be so bold as to write short stories — albeit not the best stories, but good enough to get some creative juices flowing for projects. 

I was also obsessed with buying journals. Every time I went to Chapters or saw cute journals in a stationery store, I would buy them. They’re pricey at best, but they made me happy. Eventually, I stopped journaling due to my busy school schedule or lack of inspiration to write. 

That lasted up until a few weeks ago when I hit a writing rut. I was having a difficult time thinking of topics to write for the blog, and I also struggled to focus on work. It was frustrating until I realized this would be a great opportunity to take up journaling again.

So, I began to write. I started with a goal to write each morning for roughly 5-10 minutes of anything that was on my mind. Whether it was tasks I wanted to start or complete, or goals I wanted to work on. In a way, journaling became a form of self-care. I would write how I was sleeping, what I was stressed about, or something I wanted to work on for the week.

I don’t have a special format when I write other than to write. I lowkey want to start bullet journaling, but I don’t have the patience nor the steady hand to write such elaborate entries. Maybe when I have more time  I’ll dabble and let you guys know. But until then, I’ll keep to my traditional style.

Another positive: I’ve noticed that I can work through the day without struggle or complaint. If I didn’t mention before, I’m a marketing coordinator and write social media copy for a broadcast company. Basically, I write a lot for my job. Journaling has made it easier to come up with content for shows and movies we’re promoting. 

I hope to continue journaling even when things go back to normal, like when I return to the office and have less time to write in the mornings. Maybe I’ll have to find a better medium when that day comes, but until then, you can catch me writing up a storm telling my journal what I plan to eat during the week. 

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