World of Warcraft: Why I Let My Boyfriend Convince Me to Play an RPG

A little over a year ago, I decided to download World of Warcraft on my Macbook Pro (these aren’t meant for gaming). 

I didn’t know a lot about Warcraft, aside from the Warcraft lore my boyfriend told me (shoutout to him for being so knowledgeable). Funny story, before I even considered playing Warcraft, I was forced to listen about the lore for about 2 hours. That’s right, 2 hours. My boyfriend drank some coffee while I was still lying in bed, and he figured that was the perfect time to tell me the story of the franchise. I didn’t retain any of it; I don’t even know if I listened to most of it. 

In Warcraft, there are several options for choosing a race (Pandaren, Night Elf, Undead, etc.)  and a class, from Warlock to Mage to Rogue. I decided to play a rogue Pandaren named Sugin because I had seen the ads for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. And also, pandas are cool.

I was somewhat into the game. I wasn’t playing more than a few hours a day initially, but enough to make some progress. I had never played an online RPG (role-playing game) before, and having someone show me how to be successful made it much more enjoyable. More and more, I was beginning to see myself playing until I maxed out my character (120 max level), but to do that, I needed a more powerful computer. That’s when I decided to build a gaming computer. 

Nothing is more exciting than having something new. Not only was it great for doing work for the blog and my podcast, but also to have a room dedicated solely for work and gaming. Unfortunately, due to bringing my office downtown to my home, I began to feel burnt out from sitting in front of a screen. That’s when I took a break from the game.

I took a break for about six months or so. I would still sit beside my boyfriend while he played, but I couldn’t bring myself to play again until this past August. It was so nice to hop right back in the game. I completely forgot where I stopped, but I quickly began playing as a rogue panda kicking ass. I levelled up my character super fast, of course, with the help of my boyfriend. 

So, why do I love playing Warcraft? It’s easy, but not easy in terms of playing. It’s easy because you’re having fun and not wondering where the time has gone. As cheesy as this sounds, I enjoy playing with my boyfriend. When we play together, he guides me through quests and helps me out if my character is dying. There’s also something about doing something alongside someone when both interests are equally at play. I used to think games similar to this were lame, but honestly, if you enjoy it, who cares?

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