Her Bad Idea Review & Interview

Recently, I was lucky to get my hands on an advanced copy of Her Bad Idea, the seventh book in Sagan Morrow’s Polyamorous Passions series. Plus, I had the opportunity to interview Sagan about her own experience being poly, the fun she had writing three different narrative styles, as well as teases for the upcoming books in the series. Today, Her Bad Idea is available to the public on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Nobles.

Spoilers ahead for Her Bad Idea and the other books in the series. Full disclaimer, Sagan is a good friend of mine, so my opinion is slightly biased, but I aim to be as honest as I can be. 

Her Bad Idea tells Scarlett’s story. She’s a successful burlesque dancer on the surface but is struggling to make ends meet behind the scenes. A dance competition gives her the opportunity to climb out of debt, but she needs to partner with Pete, who made the absolute worst first impression on her. Meanwhile, she keeps bumping into Wes, her unrequited crush, so naturally, her and Pete pretend to be dating to make Wes jealous. End with Scarlett and Pete falling in love, and you have the perfect rom-com.

I reread the entire Poly Passions series before I read this book, and Scarlett is definitely my favourite. We had gotten to know her in the previous books, but I really enjoyed her perspective on things. She’s so supportive compared to Helen and Emma, who tend to want people to do things their way. I think that’s a great way to show how friendship should be, especially when we’re talking about different sexualities and orientations. Scarlett doesn’t identify as poly (yet!), but she’s still there for her friends, even if there are aspects of it she doesn’t wholly agree with. 

Parts of the plot were predictable, like the Pete and Scarlett romance, but it’s not meant to be a story full of twists. The true heart of this series is the message behind it. It’s about women supporting women, accepting the different parts of ourselves and each other, and giving polyamory a platform where it’s normalized. 

In our interview, I asked Sagan about polyamory (both in the books and her own experiences), writing the different characters and what’s happening next for Scarlett. Watch the highlights of my interview with Sagan below.

Or watch the full interview, where we expand on our discussion of polyamory, the difficulties writing burlesque dances; we also discuss future spinoffs in the series and other stand-alone books Sagan has in the works.

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