Am I a Writer?

I’ve come across a few Instagram posts recently about imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is where an individual has self-doubts about their work and talents and has an internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. And it made me wonder about my insecurities as a writer.

I love to write, and it’s always been something I’ve done since I was younger. I started writing journal entries as a kid, which then progressed to me trying to write short stories and blogging. But I’m not the best writer. I struggle with the important things: grammar and good content. It’s never been my forte, but in saying that, can, I call myself a writer or a blogger if something so simple as grammar doesn’t come easy to me? What about content? I struggle with what to write (even though I’ve been told a billion times I can write whatever I want) because what if people don’t want to read it or find it terrible?

Writing is a big part of my work too. I’m a digital marketing coordinator at a broadcast company. So, I am the social media person who manages the socials, writes the content, and replies to questions. I’ve wanted this career since graduating from university, but I didn’t have the skills until now. When I first started my job, I stressed about what I was writing and whether it was worthy enough. While I didn’t feel confident in my work, I always had to tell myself that if my boss didn’t think I could do it, they wouldn’t have hired me.

Self-doubt is something I battle with often, especially when it’s coming up with something to write for the blog, work, or even my podcast. I don’t always have the best cheerleaders in my head. I’ve been able to combat that by merely taking a break and changing the scenery for a bit. Also, my group of supporters are what keeps me going in my day-to-day tasks.

I want to be more open about my struggles and self-doubt coming up with content for work or writing. It’s something I will struggle with sometimes, but I believe this could help someone else that needs it. I’m a perfectionist at heart, and being able to speak openly about this may bring some peace of mind the next time I’m scrambling with words. 

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