Writing Prompts

Do you like to use writing prompts? Sometimes if I need quick inspiration or an idea, I’ll search 365 Creative Writing Prompts to get the juices flowing hopefully. More often than not, I am too overwhelmed with ideas and topics even to begin. 

I came across a few that sort of sparked my interest: addict, dictionary definition, and good vibes. I wasn’t looking for something in particular, but a prompt that would come easy. I was wrong. 


The first thing that came to mind was my addiction to buying books. Yes, books. I love reading and having a massive selection of books. I can honestly say that I have probably read about 25% of the books I have sitting in my bookcase – the rest continue to sit nicely unmarked, unbent, and unread.

Perhaps we can go through a collection of my books, or I could choose a genre to write about, but not this day.

Dictionary Definition

I used to enjoy finding new words to add to my vocabulary because I thought it would make me sound smart, but that habit went away fast. I don’t own a dictionary (for someone who has a lot of books, you would think I would own a dictionary), but I did come across a Random Word website. 

I thought, “Wow! This website is a great idea,” as I continued to click through to the “next word” on the website. Many of the words seemed too complicated for me to even comprehend, especially on a Monday.

Good Vibes

It would be a fun thing to write good vibes; you write about “What makes you smile? What makes you happy?” Numerous people, places, and things make me happy. It’s a matter of choosing who, where, or what. For now, I’ll keep this prompt in the back of my mind. 

As writing prompts go, I think it’s a great tool to use when you’re in a writing rut. From very broad topics to particular topics, writing prompts try to get you to exercise your mind. It might not be something you need, but it’s nice to have a backup for those days when there are too many things going on, and you need one thing to write.


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