Black Canadian Creators You Should Be Following

There is so much I’d like to say about what’s happening right now. I’ve written pages and pages about the protests, my own acknowledgement of my white privilege, and how I haven’t been a good ally.  I was scrolling through my Instagram and became suddenly much more aware of all the white faces I saw. Because as much as I like to think of myself as “not racist,” I still carry a bias towards white people. 

But I’m not here to whine about my white guilt; I’m here to tell you about all the great content I’ve been missing out on. Here are four Black Canadian female creators you should definitely be following too!

  1. Musemo Handahu

Not only does she own a successful brand marketing company, Musemo is also a writer, stylist, and advocate for plus-sized women. Her blog, Lion Hunter, offers fashion tips, travel stories, and lifestyle advice based on her experiences.

Musemo’s fashion tips are practical and made for real life. And holy hell, I wish I had her wardrobe. Her Instagram is gorgeous; it’s a beautiful blend of stylised photos and more realistic shots, so her looks seem that much more authentic. 

  1. Kerriisms

So, I’m pretty sure I want to be Kerriisms when I grow up. Between her blog, where she writes about life and book reviews, her podcast, Kerriisms Speaks, and her published poetry book, she’s basically a creative powerhouse. Did I mention she also sings?

Plus, she’s funny. Kerriisms invokes such great personality into what she writes and says, while still putting out quality content that meets her audience’s needs. 

  1. Anita Aloys

I was super pumped when I came across Anita because she’s also from Winnipeg. She blogs about lifestyle and fashion and has some great free resources and tips on her blog and Instagram

I especially like that all her styles and looks are attainable. Too often we see creators in these beautiful outfits, only to realise that their look costs as much as some cars. Anita has links for the outfits she models in, and they’re from stores people can actually afford.

  1. Eden Hagos

Eden founded Black Foodie, a blog that features food through a black lens. She features African, Caribbean, and Southern cuisine and also offers tips for entertaining and how to host the best foodie event.

Now I grew up with parents whose idea of exotic was a Chinese chain restaurant, so I’m not as worldly with my palette as I should be, so I’m excited to check out these amazing looking recipes. 

It’s hard to admit when we’ve done something wrong, whether it was on purpose or not, but you can’t do better if you don’t acknowledge there was something to fix.  These are only some of the many Black creators out there, and they weren’t that hard to find. I plan on looking for more amazing creators to follow so I can expand my narrow view of the world. 

Do you know other amazing BIPOC bloggers and creators I should be following? Let me know in the comments!

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