Puppies for Days

If you haven’t heard the big news, I got a puppy! My boyfriend and I picked up our Mini Australian Shepherd on May 11, which was the most exciting day ever. We had a name picked out even before she was born, Riven — Any League of Legends fans out there?

We’ve had our furry little friend home for a week now, and so far, we’ve learned that she’s a quick learner, a big suck, and she loves to nap, especially on our feet. While she’s a lot of work in the middle of the night (waking up for a potty break is exhausting), Riven’s the sweetest thing ever to enter our lives. 

I knew before we got her that she would be a lot of work. I was nervous about how my training skills (and patience) would play out, but after researching the dog breed, it eased my anxieties. Everything I’ve read tells me she’s a small herding breed that is intelligent and easy to train.

I mentioned that Riven’s a quick learner earlier and it’s really showing. She’s catching on where she needs to go when she has to go potty. She knows not to bite (that habit went away pretty quickly) and that she is only allowed on the couch unless we invite her. There are more things that she’s learning, but considering we’re not trainers, I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job so far!

The hardest thing is waking up through the night and morning as early as 7 a.m., especially for someone who isn’t a morning person. The first few nights when the alarms went off, I honestly thought Riven was in bed with us. I was tired that night and I was dreaming that I had her in my arms – she wasn’t (haha). She’s still a puppy and will need to pee through the night for a little bit longer. I’m now dreaming of the nights I can sleep through the night. 

She still has her puppy moments of anxiety and fear, but she’s working through them. We’re trying our best to introduce to things and letting her know it’s okay. Treats here and there help too. Since I’ve been working from home, she seems to be used to me not being there with her all the time. Although, I’m worried that she’ll get separation anxiety once we’re back to our normal schedule. We’re looking at options such as doggy daycare and having her in her kennel for a certain amount of time during my workday. I’ll admit, sometimes the best distraction from work is bugging Riven, even when I know I shouldn’t. Riven is also not fond of car rides, but we’re working on it!

Riven has stolen the hearts of many already, even ones she hasn’t met yet. She is an adorable pup that loves people and playing. It’s safe to say that we lucked out and got a fantastic puppy. 


*If you want to follow her journey into adulthood, be sure to check out her very own Instagram page: @riven.the.aussie

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