Quarantine for Introverts

Hej och välkommen. My name is Gin, and I’m an introvert. 

Last week, Maria wrote about dealing with quarantine as an extrovert; I’m here to explain the other side of things. A little while ago, I wrote about being an introvert in ‘I Wish‘. And while the public consensus is that introverts are made for quarantine, I’ll be honest; some days are tough.

I enjoy sitting in my own company, but I miss being with my friends. I enjoy being in the company of people, even if I’m not the most talkative person in the room. I don’t require it all the time (who am I kidding, I do), but it would be nice to talk to my friends in person rather than on the phone or video call. 

Since the beginning of this situation, I’ve been lucky to be working from home. But, being stuck at home usually means I’m with the company of my anxieties. I didn’t know I was an anxious person up until a few weeks ago. It was a strange feeling and one that I hope never to experience again. Battling the second voice in my head was a challenge, but I’m learning different ways to cope, like going outside and staying active. 

I’ve found new ways to keep busy, such as riding my bike, running in my neighbourhood, and learning Swedish. That’s right; I’m using the language app that everyone is using – Duolingo. On one of the many boring evenings, I thought to myself, now would be a great time to learn a new language. So, I downloaded the app and off I went learning Swedish. Long story short, it’s going very well. Especially since I mistakenly paid for a year subscription. Let this be a lesson to everyone: make sure to cancel your free 7-day subscriptions.

While I’m learning Swedish, I am trying to keep myself busy with other things such as baking and reading. And let’s be honest, neither of those is going well. The last thing I baked was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Keeping busy is usually easy, but I can’t always escape being anxious sometimes when I’m stuck at home. I have found ways to cope with it for the most part during the last few weeks. With constant conversations with my boyfriend, friends, and family, I feel like I’m doing okay.

I think people forget that introverts need a little human interaction too. In the meantime, I’ll continue to learn Swedish and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to write a blog post in Swedish! I’m very optimistic.

P.S. I just learned how to use this clone featured on Photoshop. Enjoy 🙂

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