Panic at the Pandemic

Everyone’s freaking out, so I hope this cheers you up a bit.

Oh COVID-19,
How you cause such a scene,
With your self-isolations and quarantines.

You give us all quite a scare,
so we try to prepare,
and suddenly we care
a lot about toilet paper.

But what can we do?
Except keep a metre or two
between everyone else and you.

And in this crisis,
With citizens left to our own devices.
The government’s advice is

“Don’t leave your place!”
“Don’t touch your face!”
“Don’t even embrace!”

Except we still must work
Because our bosses are jerks
But there is a small perk

Because if we get the chills
EI might pay our bills
to stay home if we’re ill!

So we’ll scrub a dub dub
Give our hands a good rub
And wash corona down the tub

And really, don’t fret,
We aren’t quarantined yet.

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