Not Your Average Gamer

Video games. They’re something that has always been in my life, but not something that I do regularly. I’m what some would call a “casual gamer.” 

I started my life as a gamer when I was a young kid on the Super Nintendo. I would play Super Mario World (1990), Donkey Kong Country (1994), and Stunt Race FX (1994). I would play these games any time my brother would allow me. (They Super Nintendo was his gaming system.) 

Usually, you would catch me playing video games right after school if I didn’t have swimming practice. Those days, the classic gaming system was my fortress. Now, I wasn’t a terrific gamer; I would always die or mess up on something super simple. But I was eager to perfect my skills. 

I would play each game on different days and would practice on certain levels where improvement was allowed. My favourite games during that time were Donkey Kong Country and Stunt Race FX. Donkey Kong Country, if I remember correctly, was a single and multiplayer game. It was loads of fun, especially when I would play with my brother. 

I was good at the game, after a few days of playing almost every day. I do believe I completed the game once or twice. It was so amazing to be successful in a game that I wasn’t great at a few months ago. 

Unfortunately, my vivid imagination got the best of me because I started to get vivid nightmares about the video game. It was odd, and I was upset because then, I had to stop playing that game in particular until the nightmares went away. By then, I had moved on to another game, a game that would turn me into the gamer I am today. 

Taking A Break – A Forced Break 

When you think of driving video games, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Grand Theft Auto or the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift theme song? If you thought of those two, you only got one right. And no, it’s not Grand Theft Auto. 

When I took that break from Donkey Kong Country, I moved onto the mediocre driving game, Stunt Race FX. It was a typical driving game with graphics that were the best during its time. I loved the game because of the different tracks and timed races. 

I slowly became attached to this game, and if there was one thing I could take away from it, it’s that I became good at strategizing every move. I anticipated every turn and was able to bring it back if I messed up a little. If I messed up a lot, I would go back and perfect it. 

Not Your Average Gamer

You would think that this post would be about how I am this excellent gamer. The answer is no. I am not a great gamer. I have a hard time playing and focusing on first-player games and ones that are going to last longer than a couple of hours. 

I do think I am okay when I am invested in a story. Usually, life gets the best of me, and I am either so tired, or there is no time to play.  

Regardless of my lack of drive to play games every single evening, I do still enjoy them, and when I get back into them, I have a pretty good streak of playing. Today, I still have the Super Nintendo (which I took from my parent’s house), and I found the Stunt Race FX game when I went to a comic con in Winnipeg. 

Maybe one day, I’ll start up the old gaming system again. 


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