Monster Lead Me Home

Have you ever been in a place where you thought you were worthless, underappreciated, wrecked, and unloved? That’s what it was like to live in the other world. 

When I first arrived in the other world, it was a place of optimism with the promise to grow into a wonderful person. They offered a comfortable place to stay, a place to change. It was promising, and I wanted to stay for as long as possible. 

But, as soon as you stayed for a month, all hope was lost. I began to rethink myself as a human. Was I even a human anymore or this animal they wanted me to become. 

The other world was filled with darkness. It was damp, cold, and you always had the feeling of someone watching you behind your back. It was unnerving and made you feel less of a human. 

This other world claimed to be a place where you can conquer your fears and become something even bigger than you thought you could be. It was then, you met the Monster. 

This Monster seemed okay at first; it came out of nowhere and would follow me everywhere I went. It never smiled, never said a word, but you can always feel a negative presence from it. The weird thing was, I never questioned its existence. 

Fast forward to the last year; everything seemed to be looking up. I was ready to stay a little longer in this other world, I was prepared to work harder than before, but then something happened. 

That perspective changed when I was involved in an incident that never would have happened in my world but somehow was okay in this other world. I can’t speak of the event, but I can say that it makes your skin crawl. Make you feel dirty for just existing. 

Until one day, I had enough. I decided that I was better than this other world. I was worth more than what they were treating me. 

The journey wasn’t easy. I was continuously discouraged for the remainder of my time here. I honestly thought I wasn’t worth enough to be able to be successful anywhere else. It was hard to accept the last month in the other world, but I did anyway until I was surprised beyond belief with a ticket to go back to my world. 

I received a call from my world expressing this fantastic opportunity that was waiting for me. And all I had to do was get on the first ship back and leave the other world before I couldn’t leave anymore. 

And I did. I lead that Monster, myself and I home. 

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