My Favourite Film

Why do I like scary movies? I love them because they give me an adrenaline rush, especially when I’m watching slasher film. My friends and I always start a discussion on how to defeat the killer or escape him, whichever is more relevant in the situation of the film. Either way, these types of films make you think, and I appreciate them for that reason alone. 

This wild ride of slasher thriller films began in the late hours during the months when my best friend and I were both in university. It was something to take our minds off school work for a while and it quickly turned out to be something better than studying. We didn’t know we would fall into the pit of films that didn’t hesitate to murder a person in imaginative ways.

We started off easy with Scream, written and directed by Wes Craven. This classic 1996 mystery/slasher film soon turned out to be one of our favourite movie series today. It’s cheesy one-liners, unique shots, and an overall great story about a killer stalking high school students in Woodsboro, California. 

Our protagonist, Sidney Prescott, whose mother was found brutally murdered a year prior, is entering her senior year of high school with a new outlook on life until news unveils a student was murdered. However, Sidney is not phased by the current events, until the first night of the horror fest.  

Sidney plans a sleepover with her best friend Tadem because her father was away on a business trip. While she was waiting to get picked up, Sidney falls asleep and awakes to a phone call from someone she does not know. Someone who was claiming to be watching her from outside her home. This is where I begin to love this character because she is fearless. If you’re not familiar with the scene, she walks outside her home and taunts the caller to show himself because she does not believe him. Unfortunately, the killer surprises her inside the home and tries to kill her, but Sidney is a smart girl and manages to escape with just a scratch.

Throughout the film series, we continue to see Sidney grow as a strong, independent character who isn’t willing to back down for anybody, especially if her life depends on it. This same character building is shown through the 2015 Scream TV series too with the main character, Emma Duval. We see the true terror in their faces during terrifying moments, but we never see them walk away from a fight. 

I said previously that I enjoy scary movies for the adrenaline rush, but what I truly enjoy is a great story and the strength of the character. These strong female leads, in particular, will always be my favourite and I’ll always admire the way they kicked-ass in every film and/or TV series.

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