Adventures with Rutabaga

This is the story of a girl, an Instacart order, and two giant rutabagas. It begins with a craving for pot roast and evolves into the most exciting thing that has happened in a year – minus the birth of my niece, moving to Ottawa, and starting grad school…huh, it’s been a busy pandemic. Recently, […]

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The Day I Wanted to Become a Filmmaker

When I was younger, I wanted to be a dentist and then later on, I wanted to become a marine biologist — that was after I watched this horrific documentary about dolphins, but that’s a story for another day. So, I decided I wanted to become a marine biologist, and that would be my future, […]

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P.S. I Love Rom-Coms

We have a confession: we both love a good romantic comedy. And with Valentine’s Day coming up this Sunday, it’s definitely rom-com season (second only to Christmas rom-com season). As mature women in our late-twenties, naturally, we’re both ridiculously excited for To All the Boys: Always and Forever to come out on Friday and will […]

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Actually, I Love to Read

At the start of I Love to Read Month, I’m reminded of how much I actually love to read. As a grad student, I read a lot. Normally, I have 50-100 pages of reading to do for each class every week, and that’s not including the additional readings I do for my assignments. My days […]

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TBR: The Best To-Do List

I love to read. I can read anything from classic lit to horror to manga. One year, I managed to read over 50 books! That means I read a book every week (which was true at the time). I attempted to make that goal again last year. After all, I knew I would be home […]

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Hey, Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Friendships were so much easier when we were younger. We’d run down the street, knock on a friend’s door to see if they could play. And if they couldn’t? No worries, we’d see them at school the next day. Life was simpler when our lives revolved around the three-block radius of our school zone. Now […]

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About Us

Our friendship was destiny. We went to the same high school, almost worked the same part time job, before finally meeting at the world’s crummiest job. We bonded through our commiseration and discovered a mutual love for writing.

From Maria: What to say about Gindalee? Her nickname is Gin, but she doesn’t actually drink gin, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity honestly. Gin’s favourite things in this world are her bed, cheesy romance novels and her Star Wars collection. She is, simply put, an awesome person.

I wanted to do this blog with her because her writing has something to say. Gin’s fiction is a delight to read and her opinion pieces always leave me thinking. She hits all the friendship goal markers (dependable, fun, sarcastic badass, etc.) but she’s also a really good person.

From Gindalee: I met Maria in 2018 through work during a time where there was an overwhelming amount of changes happening. New hires were starting, people were leaving for vacation – but safe to say, she didn’t shy around because not long after she started (her first day, actually) she struck up a conversation with the entire office. 

But, let’s get real for a second – Maria is one of the realest people I have ever met. She’s blunt, sarcastic, and unapologetically herself. That’s what I really admire about her. Her favourite things are Rocket (her puppy), cooking, and the oxford comma.